Friday, January 29, 2010

First Week in Studio

This has been an amazing but short week in the studio. (I was sick nearly all last week so I lost a lot of time.) I spent nearly 3-4 hours 3 days this week working on still life paintings trying different mediums. On Monday and Tuesday, I brought a large moth and a magnifying glass from home and worked with a limited palette. This painting was rather painful to make. I struggled with the colors and the stickiness of the medium.

The moth and magnifying glass painting is called "Gifts." These gifts were from loved ones and I worked in several layers of paint with Weber's 789 medium. I think 789 is maybe how many seconds it takes that medium to dry....7, 8 or 9 if lucky. I finished it today, Friday. The last layer was a blue glaze and some finishing touches with small brushes.

Then, with some time left before I had to go home I did a quick study of two pears using Liquin. I think this is a better medium for me. I achieved loose brushstrokes and good control of color. The paint was exceptionally flexible and the control of transparency and opacity was really great. Next week I am going to try Liquin Fine Detail Medium.
My subject matter will be still life again but this time I will lay out a fuller palette and try an ochre ground.