Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weeks 10 and 11 (This Time) Beyond the Studio

Well, it has been an interesting two weeks. I have not been in the studio but instead writing, writing, writing and putting some (towards) finishing touches on my paper. I cannot wait to share the paper with my fellow ACCCers! I am about 3/4 of the way finished my research paper and looking forward to calling it complete. At this point I can already say I have learned a lot and I hope it will serve my colleagues as well.

My class Uncreative Writing is going very well. I am wayyy out of my box and will be presenting some inauthentic writing this week. I am terrible at reading aloud so we shall see how well I do. The last two weeks I have been examining consumerism and annoyances in life through writing. The promise the first day from the instructor was "You will never look at language the same way." Promise fulfilled. In fact, promise fulfilled the first week. I highly recommend Koolhaas' Junkspace...loved it. More to come about that in future weeks as we (sadly) wrap up the class.  Thank you Kenny for a wonderful roller coaster ride!

In terms of art, the last 2 weeks and this coming weekend are about looking. I spent all of last Friday touring galleries in Philadelphia and visited Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Seeing the students in their paint splotched clothes made me proud to wear my badges the way I often do coming from the studio coated in this or that and that is perfectly okay with me.  I looked closely at Bierstadt, Gifford and Eakins and many printmakers too. I hit the point where I had enough to take in and think about.

I spent time last week with two former students and how wonderful it is as a teacher to see your students become your peers before your very eyes. Teaching is very fulfilling but more so when you see the fruits of your labor. Also, I have been working with several students (while on sabbatical) helping them gain entrance to major art schools and many successes to boast of so I will. I am VERY proud of my students.

This weekend I will be in Washington DC. I will be with Academy grads Wanda Chudzinski and Mary Powers-Holt looking at art. What I have found is that you have to know when you have had enough of looking at art so over-saturation does not occur. But, I will be looking for something very specific...the quality of brushstrokes. know what I mean here.

Next week I will report on some new studio work, some more preparation and my first foray into plein air landscape in oils with my friends (and former students). So the brush will be wielded next week and hopefully the results will be good. As I say, if the results are mixed or not great...these we call opportunities to learn.

More next week!

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